Artistic Design from DLF

It is common to use snap fasteners in travel cases to intact the cushions with the pillars, however, they do not provide optimum security and can be difficult to insert and remove. The two common watch travel cases have either no fasteners or have two snap fasteners on both sides of the cushion which must be aligned correctly to secure. To remove the cushion, user has to pull with some degree of force, resulting in shock, loosening of the fastener, and sometimes breakage.

Artistic guided mechanism designed by us makes our watch rolls easy to use. Our unique mechanism lets user to comfortably insert and extract watches without aligning and snapping buttons every time. By detaching removable leather plain, our design allows watch collectors and enthusiasts to discuss horology in watch meetups while timepieces remain intact in case, this apparently makes your watches safe. Not only this but it will help you get good instagram shots!

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