Highest Dedication
to Craftmanship

Growing up in Pakistan, a country that is a hub of high quality leather production, I was always fascinated by the craftsmanship of leather. It demands a lifelong of hard work, hand skills, a strong perception of outcome, and continuous determination to produce a single, high quality piece of leather good. This curiosity and appreciation drove my research and trials, and ultimately launched my career in the leather industry.

The combination of wood, leather and metal used in my products fulfills the needs of a common man. Integrating this craftsmanship with longevity, durability and boldness of each product led me to come up with the brand characterize “TURTLE”. Turtles are among the oldest reptiles, and some say they shared our planet earth with dinosaurs. They have a sturdy habitat, textured protective shell and a long life-span. These are the attributes I wish to infuse in my leather products, thriving to deliver the long lasting, durable and beautiful hand-crafted leather goods. Each of our products are named after these adorable and mighty species.


We respect and care for our resources, labor and most importantly the magical skills of our craftsmen. In order to design high quality leather goods and gain customer satisfaction, we don’t compromise on anything. Our respected leather workers have talent and decades worth of expertise, and we pay them as they deserve.

Support us in establishing a legacy and sentiments that we hope to pass on for generations to come.